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all_animal's Journal

The place to be for animal - maniacs
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Pets, Zoos, Wildlife....
Welcome to all_animal

The idea of this community is to become a place for everyone, who loves animals.
Nothing more, nothing less.

You´re highly welcome to join if you...
- love to discuss animal related topics of every kind
- like to share photos of your pets or animals in general
- want to tell the world about your pets, your favourite animal, a zoo or animal related event you´ve visited
- read an interesting (animal - related) book and want to review / recommend it
- have your own reasons to join anyway :-)

I`m wishing for an active community.
Feel free to introduce yourself after joining.(And if you keep pets feel VERY invited to introduce those of course!)

I hope it´s not necessary to mention but my first and (so far) only rule for this group is:
Be polite!
Everyone is free to have his/her own point of view but please "think before posting". I won´t tolerate fighting!
And I trust you having the copyright on all photos you want to share in this community.´
Oh... and (as usual) if you´re posting more than one picture (or a very large one) keep it under a cut please.

CREDITS for the current standard icon go to corvid_icons